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Welcome to JEREMIAH & ELIJAH Acquisitions LLC., a trusted real estate investment firm in Nassau County specializing in buying and selling residential and commercial properties. Our team brings more than 12 years of experience to deliver professional, one-stop real estate solutions. Plus, we also purchase IP rights. Give us a call or message to get started.

Creating Affordable Housing for Communities

Our expertise in real estate rehabbing is second to none. We purchase reasonably priced homes and offices, and we renovate and improve them with integrity and quality in every part of the process. With the goal of providing communities with best-in-class affordable housing, we resell these refurbished properties at competitive prices. We also provide services for the premium market. Our market is not just limited to affordable housing, as we also are involved in the luxury housing market.

Making a Difference for Homeowners

In addition, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners stay in their remodeled properties. We purchase the property and remodel the home so the homeowner can stay on the premises as a landlord, in a separate unit, the rest of the property is then rented out. This way the original homeowner may stay in their own neighborhood, close to their friends and family, and the places they know.

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